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Washington Region Wins ASCE Award


The Washington Region’s King County Barton CSO Control Project was honored by the Seattle chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) with a 2017 Local Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (LOCEA) award.

The project entailed construction of 91 roadside rain gardens within a 15-block span of West Seattle’s Sunrise Heights and Westwood neighborhoods. The engineered rain gardens combine natural vegetation and technical design to control stormwater that used to enter the combined sewer system and cause overflows into Puget Sound near the Barton Pump Station during heavy rains.

Seattle-based firm SvR Design Company led the project design and engineering, and GBI led the construction.

The annual LOCEA awards recognize outstanding projects in the categories of geotechnical; structural; ports and waterways; water resources; transportation and development; small project; and non-construction studies.