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GBI Workers Honored by Maui Fire Department

(L to R): Maui County Fire Chief Jeff Murray, Morris Ah Nee, Ricky Purdy and Joe Dickson

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GBI is known throughout Maui County for its willingness to provide assistance when a natural disaster occurs. In February, a brush fire in the Kahikinui area on the south side of Haleakala burned an estimated 5,500 acres. Residents of the area were relocated to shelters.

GBI dispatched seven bulldozers to cut firebreaks above the fire and around homes in the Kahikinui Homestead and continued the work over several days to ensure the safety of the community. The Maui Fire Department utilized five helicopters to conduct water drops by air, as most of the fire was inaccessible to fire vehicles.

Maui County Fire Chief Jeff Murray presented Morris Ah Nee, Ricky Purdy and Joe Dickson with commendations for their service during the Kahikinui fire, which could have had a more devastating outcome.

Thank you Morris, Ricky and Joe for helping to keep our community safe.