Completed Harbors and Marinas


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Nawiliwili Pier 3, Kauai
Construction of a new pier included dewatering, mass excavation, backfilling and structural excavation, all within the shoring limits. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also installed shoreline riprap and siltation/water control inside the harbor.





Cordova Harbor Expansion, Alaska
This harbor and container storage expansion helped meet the growing needs of the Cordova harbor and supported oil pipeline construction. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., imported more than 1.5 million CY of soil to develop this 20-acre site.





Kukuiula Harbor Improvements, Kauai
Employing the first precast Conspan bridge system in Hawaii, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., built a temporary berm in the harbor and dewatered the existing water table to prepare for rock subgrade and concrete footings. The team set 15-ton Conspan arches to form the bridge system, with associated backfilling and excavation. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also constructed a new roadway, all while maintaining or improving water quality.



Pearl Harbor Submarine Docking Facility, Oahu
Goodfellow Bros., Inc., began constructing dredge ponds for the Navy’s new submarine berthing wharves at Waipio Peninsula, Pearl Harbor, in December 2000. Work included installation of two dredge cells on 33 acres formerly covered with large kiawe trees.




 Barbers Point Harbor Expansion, Oahu

Almost two years in construction, the addition created three new berthing piers and expanded the harbor’s width by 600 feet, its length by 1,100 feet, and reached a depth of 45 feet. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., removed nearly 2 million CY of materials while closely attending to such environmental concerns as dust monitoring and control, turbidity, water salinity, and seismic monitoring.

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