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Mokulele Highway Widening Project, Maui, HI

2.9 miles of highway reconstruction located in an agricultural corridor, the highway serves as a connector to South Maui providing access to residents and many of the 2+ million visitors a year.



Saddle Road Phase 3
Saddle Road connects Hilo and Kona between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The 15 mile highway widening project included excavation, drill and shoot, onsite crushing and AC paving.





Sunnyside Road Phase 3b
For the Community of Clackamas County, Goodfellow Bros., Inc. has been the general contractor on 3 phases of the Sunnyside Road Widening projects. The most recent Phase (3b) is a 1-mile road widening project, scope of work includes clearing and grubbing, mass excavation, roadway improvements, new bridge, stream and wetland mitigation, storm drain, sanitary sewer and dry utilities.


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Stevens Pass, Washington
Goodfellow Bros., Inc., created portions of this highway in 1924, drilling and blasting through the hard rock of high mountain passes. In the decades since, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., has handled a number of major contracts on this highway, one of the main gateways for east-west traffic in the Pacific Northwest.





Warner Highway, Oregon
In Fremont National Forest, winter snowdrifts and summer floods rendered several miles of Highway 140 impassible. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., realigned and widened four-and-a-half miles of the highway, and created four miles of new road to circumvent the trouble spot, recycling existing pavement and turning what was once a transportation headache into 13 acres of wetland habitat. Major on-site activities included 12 acres of clearing and grubbing, 450,000 CY of dirt and rock excavation, four major temporary creek realignments to accommodate construction, 6,500 lineal feet of storm-drainage culvert, 170,000 tons of base and subbase courses, and 85,000 tons of asphalt-treated bases and hot asphalt paving.


Sunnyslope Interchange, Washington
For this new interchange into Wenatchee, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., constructed an overpass, access ramps, installed new drainage, and added two traffic lights. The confluence of Highways 2 and 97 is a high-traffic area, so to minimize disruption, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., phased the project, completing half the overpass and rerouting traffic over that structure while the other half was being built.



Piilani Highway, Maui
Though semi-arid, the South Maui coast is susceptible to flooding during Kona storms. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., constructed seven miles of new state highway, providing a safe, all-weather route for the residents and visitors of Kihei - Wailea - Makena. Several bridges and drainage structures keep this new route high and dry.



Kaumualii Highway/Kuhio Highway/Rice Street, Kauai
This reconstruction project called for widening the intersection into adjacent property that had unsuitable substrate and an existing stream. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., diverted the stream and used creative engineering techniques like this 40-foot-high, mechanically stabilized earth-retaining wall to form the new highway grades and complete the project.

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