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Weyerhauser Regional Landfill
Serving the community of Cowlitz County, Washington, the project provides a new cell to the existing landfill. Preparation of 16 acre site included excavation, soil screening, onsite crushing, hauling, fabric drain, cell line, rock lining and a perimeter haul road.




Greenacres Landfill Closure, Washington
Hired by Spokane County to close a 60-acre landfill, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., moved 114,000 CY of refuse; and built a landfill gas-collection system, well heads and flare station. Though the landfill area turned out to be 17 percent larger than originally surveyed, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., was able to complete the contract in five months, as planned, trucking more than 170,000 CY of imported materials to the project for onsite placement.



Marion County Landfill, Oregon
At this 20-acre site, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., installed a landfill cover and an extensive gas-extraction system, employing a series of 21 wells, and drilling as much as 60 feet deep through the liner and into the waste, allowing the methane to be pulled under a vacuum to a new candlestick flare. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also constructed a new recycling center and realigned the access road.




Wenatchee Landfill, Cells 4A & 4B, Washington

The job called for construction of two new cells for an existing landfill and the excavation of 280,000 CY of material. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., built a leachate collection system and leachate retention pond, and placed a sand cushion over this HDPE liner.




Halehaka Landfill Closure, Kauai
Closure of this 26-acre landfill required relocating, compacting and grading of 100,000 CY of rubbish, complete leachate drainage and methane-gas disposal. Once the site was closed, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., imported more than 90,000 CY of cover soil for landscaping.




Anchorage Regional Landfill, Alaska
The bid for Cell 6 came late in the year. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., brought in specialized equipment and worked double shifts through the dark Alaskan winter. More than the schedule was at stake–with wind-chill factors down to minus 50, the excavation had to be worked continuously just to keep it from freezing. Despite the challenges, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., finished on time, excavating 1.6 million CY of dirt in 11 weeks.

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