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 Kamehameha Schools Maui, HI
The Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus is located in Pukalani, on the gentle slopes of the spectacular dormant volcano, Haleakala. Goodfellow Bros., Inc. was the site contractor clearing and grubbing the 180-acre site, including excavation, onsite crushing, sewer, water and storm drain, curb and gutter.




Sammamish River Terrace, Washington
Goodfellow Bros., Inc., provided mass and finish grading, structural excavation, backfill, and utility installation for this multifamily housing project. Because the site abuts a major salmon-bearing river, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also implemented erosion-control measures that treated and eliminated sediment, preventing contamination of the river.




Lipoa Center, Maui
Though the region is semi-arid, the site is close enough to the ocean to make ground water a problem. Prior to installing utilities, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., used an elaborate well-point vacuum dewatering system that lowered the immediate ground-water table. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also scheduled work to minimize traffic disruption at this busy intersection.




Fred Meyer, Bothell, Washington
As part of the construction of this large retail project, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., dealt with a number of environmental concerns, including the site's proximity to a salmon-bearing stream. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., created several new spawning beds and four large underground vaults and water-quality treatment facilities.





Maui Research & Technology Park, Maui
In addition to access roads and underground utilities for Maui's first research center, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., installed 1.5 miles of sewer force main and built two sewage lift stations that pump wastewater to the nearest treatment facility. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also installed an enormous network of conduit to link all the buildings' communications systems, and scheduled drilling and blasting around Department of Defense on-site activities.



Kahului Industrial Park, Maui
This 75-acre commercial center is adjacent to a major intersection that was notorious for flooding. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., laid side-by-side tunnels of Conspan underground to route runoff under the highway and out to the ocean. Installed in 1995, the system was the largest Conspan structure built to that date.




K-Mart, Maui
The site of this national retail store is a stone's throw from the ocean; ground water was a potential problem. So prior to construction, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., placed a surcharge on the building pad to reduce ground water and consolidate the soil.

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