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Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Maui
The center is built on an old World War II service area; before grading could begin, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., had to demolish the existing munitions storage facility. In a conservation effort, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., recycled on-site concrete for use within specified fill zones.





Washington State University, Vancouver Campus, Washington
Infrastructure improvements included a new parking lot, storm drainage with detention ponds and biofiltration swales, water lines, sanitary sewers, asphalt walking paths, road widening, and major improvements to the physical plant’s chilled water and electrical systems. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., put the job on a fast track, working during the summer months to minimize construction’s impact on student activities.



Kamalii Elementary School, Maui
A first in Hawaii, Kamalii was privately funded, yet exceeded all state standards for school construction. By using Blasting Technology and Rim Rock Paving, our subsidiaries, to blast and crush the excavation site, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., was able to hold costs well within budget.





Kent Elementary #30, Phases I & II, Washington
Asked to value engineer this project, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., had an underground water-detention vault redesigned, saving the school district $150,000 while meeting the same level of effectiveness. Goodfellow Bros., Inc., completed mass grading, structural excavation, concrete retaining walls, sports-stadium seating, infrastructure and landscaping for a new, high-use sports field—all while reducing construction costs by 7 percent.



Malama Cultural Park, Molokai
The site looks like an ordinary park, yet there’s royal history here: the remains of a house once used by a Hawaiian king. As general contractor, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., constructed parking areas and rest rooms, provided irrigation and landscaping using indigenous plants, and built a stage for Hawaiian cultural programs.

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