Completed Reservoirs and Dams


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Grand Coulee Dam, Washington

In 1933, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., moved the first million CY of excavation on the Grand Coulee Dam. The company brought in six shovels, including Bucyrus-Eries and PHs, and 20 International trucks. Even then, GBI provided the right equipment for the job.


Judy Reservoir Enlargement, Washington

Hired by Skagit County to expand a 137-acre reservoir, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., processed and moved more than half-a-million CY in four short months to enlarge the reservoir’s two existing dams. But expansion meant destroying surrounding wetlands, so during construction, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., also created 26 acres of new wetland habitat and rerouted a fish-bearing stream, protecting the environment while increasing the reservoir’s water capacity by half-a-billion gallons.


Kahakapau Reservoir, Maui

The year this reservoir was constructed, the region was hit by more than 600 inches of rain. Despite having to work under such adverse conditions, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., built more than a mile of 36-inch ductile-iron transmission main, moved 650,000 CY of earth, and lined the two 50-million-gallon reservoirs with HDPE and shotcrete.


Kapalua Water and Reservoirs, Maui

Constructed as part of the Kapalua Resort development, this million-gallon earthen reservoir serves the needs of both the community and the region’s agriculture.


Wenas Dam Spillway, Washington

Working under tight conditions, GBI’s experienced team repaired this damaged spillway in three short months—preparing for the next spring’s runoff before fall weather deteriorated into winter.

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