Working Here

Working Here

Goodfellow Bros. understands that a company is only as good as the people that service its customers, and we continue to attract and retain the premier talent required to remain the contractor of choice.

In addition to having the required skills and knowledge, what we are looking for in a new hire is the passion and love for the work that all of our employees share. That’s what makes GBI such a fun and rewarding place to be!

Ingenuity Runs In The Family


GBI revolves around a welcoming culture focused on a creative work approach in which employees are encouraged to contribute fresh ideas and solutions to daily challenges. From our substantial utilization of the latest technology to our vast success with projects of all scopes and sizes, we are consistently on the cutting edge and prepared to help you develop to your full potential. Since its inception, GBI has been the employer of choice for the industry’s best and brightest professionals.


Opportunities For Success


Working at GBI, there are plenty of opportunities available for developing your skills and knowledge. Whether you are a project engineer, equipment operator or a health and safety specialist, the dynamic nature of the construction industry means that training and development opportunities are regularly available. From you, what’s needed is a positive attitude, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to balance life with work; this will make success all the more possible.